Silverband is an Australia independent software vendor specialising in the development, hosting and support of education management software for Australian higher education and vocational education institutions.

Our primary product offering is Paradigm Education Management System which supports our clients' key operational areas including student recruitment, enrolment, communications, accounting, government compliance and reporting.

We provide licencing, hosting and support services for Paradigm on a subscription basis, complemented by training and consulting delivered by our experienced staff.

Flexible solutions

Paradigm includes a comprehensive set of standard features supporting many operational areas. But we can also extend and customise it's feature and offer viable integrations with other IT systems.

We focus on delivering an integrated solution that meets the particular business requirements of our clients. Our willingness to continually invest in our software to address our clients' individual objectives provides the kind of flexibility that makes all the difference.

Education management

We understand far more than just our own software. Our clients not only require us to understand their business, but often rely on us to advise them about establishing effective internal procedures and satisfying the relevant government regulations. After completing dozens of implementations we have seen many variations in the way that operational processes are implemented in the education domain. This allows us to identify those requirements that an education provider has in common with others across the sector and those that are unique to their situation. This understanding of our clients' business and the environment in which they operate allows us to determine how they are best supported by technology and this in turn drives the development of our software.

Technical expertise

We have designed and built the software and systems infrastructure that we use to deliver our comprehensive education management solutions. We have a high level of technical expertise in software development, systems integration and database operations and we have extensive experience integrating Paradigm with other software systems.

We provide software solutions that support the continuous improvement of our clients' business.

We draw on our many year of experience supporting education providers and our extensive technical expertise.

Our software has evolved into a solution that addresses the real and varied business requirements of our clients because we have taken the time to engage with their individual operational needs.

We consider ourselves as more than just a software vendor. We work with our clients to continually improve the way that they use technology to achieve their business objectives.

The level of engagement with our clients is driven by our ongoing interest in their business.