Silverband provides a complete service offering in support of the Paradigm software package. This includes licencing, hosting and support services for Paradigm on a subscription basis, complemented by training and consulting delivered by our experienced staff.

We constantly develop and maintain Paradigm resulting in continual improvements the software for the benefit of our clients and can analyse and implement software customisations for Paradigm to fit individual requirements where necessary. We can also integrate Paradigm with other software systems.

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Rapla is an open source client-server application for resource scheduling and timetable management. We offer hosting and user support of Rapla with and have integrated it with Paradigm to synchronise sessioning information.

Data Analysis

Excel reports may be created from within Paradigm that will export data for analysis. We can assist with training in the use of effective reporting tools to design and test new or existing reports. These reports can then be used directly from staff computers or deployed for use within Paradigm.


We are continuously updating the Paradigm software and also provide technical support for full institutional compliance with Higher Education FEE-HELP reporting regulations.

Data Backup

We have implemented database and system backup procedures that ensure the archival integrity of customer data. We can also create custom backup synchronisation configurations to ensure customer data held by Silverband is transferred automatically and securely onto a customer owned computer.


We provide on-site and remote training for administrative and academic staff to make effective use of Paradigm within your organisation. The topics to be covered can be selected from our standard training outline and customised to your needs.


We have more than 6 years experience assisting our clients with the production, validation and submission of the Higher Education Student Collection data reports using Paradigm and HEPCAT. We provide valuable knowledge and practical support to your staff as they learn and execute the FEE-HELP reporting process. We provide assistance with analysis of business reporting requirements and the translation of those requirements into database queries to extract the required information from the Paradigm database and report templates to display data in readable formats.

External Integration

We can integrate Paradigm with various external systems through Paradigm features to syncnronise student and enrolment information.

Virtual Servers

We provide a secure virtual server to each customer to ensure isolation and security of their data and software configuration. We can offer customers hosting and management of additional virtual server instances for special purposes that require a particular operating system configuration or access controls.